Dentures in Blacksburg, VA

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Natural-looking and acting non-slip dentures

Blacksburg Denture & Implant Center specializes in producing affordable dentures that are natural-looking and supported by implants to keep them firmly in place. Our dentures are made with the highest attention to detail and created for a precise, comfortable fit.

Eat anything you want with our stable Dentures

Eat anything you want with our stable DenturesWhen it comes to dentures it’s not only important that they look beautiful—they also need to function as well as natural teeth would.

Dr. Munz gives his patients the ability to eat what they want without worrying about their dentures slipping out of place. Dental implants provide the necessary support to make it possible for patients to eat all types of foods with ease.

Fixed and Removable Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Munz offers two types of dentures supported by implants—fixed dentures that are permanently anchored in the mouth and are only able to be removed by a dentist, and removable dentures that snap on and off implants using special attachments.

For removable snap-in dentures, Dr. Munz uses small-diameter implants called Mini Dental Implants take little time to install, are minimally invasive and require almost no healing. They provide greatly enhanced chewing power and ensure the denture does not slip out of place when talking or eating. Once a patient is fitted with implant-supported dentures they can resume chewing and eating their favorite foods immediately.

For the ultimate in strong, lifelike and aesthetic tooth replacement, Dr. Munz provides permanently fixed-in dentures using regular-sized dental implants. This option involves a longer treatment time, but feels acts and looks most like natural teeth. Fixed-in dentures provide nearly 100 percent chewing power, are extremely durable and can be cared for just like natural dentition. With proper care, they can last a lifetime—your teeth will never have to come out of your mouth again.
Implant-Supported Dentures with MDIs

Knowledge and experience you can trust

Dr. Munz is highly skilled in implant dentistry. He has helped thousands of patients restore their smile using implant-supported tooth replacement solutions, and has placed over 10,000 individual implants. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide you will full tooth replacement that is strong, durable and comfortable, and that will allow you to eat what you want and smile freely.

$50 New Patient Exam, X-rays & Consultation

Free consultationDr. Munz provides new patients with a complimentary consultation. The consultation includes:

  • Oral exam
  • Digital bitewing X-rays, as needed
  • Discuss your objectives
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get your questions answered
  • Treatment plan

Usual value = $125

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Procedure for Stable Dentures

Use of the latest technology makes creating your stable, natural-looking dentures a fast and comfortable procedure.

Dr. Munz uses the revolutionary Sirona xg3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging machine to plan out the placement your implants ahead of time.

Learn more about our procedure for creating stable dentures.

High-quality, natural-looking and feeling dentures

Our dentures are made with hard and durable acrylic, making them resistant to wear, and strong enough to be made thinner and less bulky than conventional dentures. The result is that they look more natural, have a custom ergonomic fit and have more effective bite strength.

Our dentures resemble a natural smile because the sides and edges of the teeth are thinner, sharper and more translucent. The implants allow the dentures to be secured to the jaw without the need for an upper plate for support, which would typically block the roof of the mouth and interfere with your sense of taste. This means that our implant-supported dentures provide a more natural feel and function when eating and talking.

Types of dentures we offer

Dr. Munz provides various dentures depending on your individual needs:

  • Mini Implant-supported removable snap-in dentures
  • Permanently fixed-in, implant-supported dentures
  • Full and partial dentures without implants
  • Immediate dentures—for immediate placement when teeth are extracted, so you never go without teeth!
  • No-metal dentures

Relines and Repairs for the right fit

Dr. Munz is able to do denture repairs and relines within the same day

Dr. Munz is able to do in-office denture repairs and relines using our in-house denture lab.

We have a denture lab right in our own office for relines and repairs and making adjustments to your dentures to make sure they fit perfectly.

When relining, Dr. Munz will remove some of the excess material from the underside of the denture, and reshape it by replacing with acrylic to give an updated fit for the patient’s unique mouth shape. Repairing is a similar procedure, and is also tailored to the individual patient.

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