Dental Technology

We use the latest in technology

We use the latest in technology to plan your treatment procedures.

State-of-the-art technology for advanced dentistry

Dr. Munz uses cutting-edge technology to assist with advanced dental restoration procedures.

Technology has opened exciting new avenues of possibility for the world of dentistry, including the introduction of digital CAD/CAM technology used in the production of dentures, and 3D X-rays for planning implant procedures. Dr. Munz incorporates these technologies in his practice to provide the best restoration treatment and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for his patients.

Minimally invasive Mini Dental Implants

Minimally invasive Mini Dental ImplantsMini Dental Implants are implants that have a smaller diameter than traditional, regular-sized implants. They can be used in certain cases, and are placed during a minimally invasive procedure and that requires very little healing. Our Mini Dental Implants are manufactured by Park Research Dental, a leading manufacturer of Mini Dental Implants (MDIs). These MDIs are built with high-grade titanium alloy which fuses nicely to the bone for a more stable hold. They are guaranteed to keep your dentures stabilized for years!

MDIs are durable, minimally invasive and versatile, meaning they can be used for a number of applications including implant-retained dentures and single-tooth crown replacement.

3D Cone Beam Imaging for precise planning

3D Cone Beam Imaging for precise planningDr. Munz uses the Sirona xg3D Cone Beam Scanner to capture 3D X-rays. The 3D scan gives him extensive information to work with when planning surgical procedures.

Compared to 2D X-ray machines, Sirona xg3D measures in panoramic view, and gives full, 3-dimensional representation of the patients mouth, teeth and jaw. This is also known as CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) or volumetric imaging, meaning it captures the scanned area in a series of pictures, then combines them with computer software to give a full 360-degree view, which is highly useful in planning advanced procedures such as implant placement.

Gentle laser dentistryGentle laser dentistry

Dr. Munz uses the Ti Max Odyssey Diode Laser by Ivoclar, a soft-tissue diode laser to remove excess or inflamed tissue from the gum line and eliminate any bacteria buildup that might cause infection.

Lasers are revolutionizing all types of dental treatments, especially those requiring gentle and precise work. Lasers offer the benefit of being more efficient and more comfortable than traditional instruments. They often require little anesthesia, and their use results in minimal recovery times.

Electric high-speed, water-cooled hand drill

Dr. Munz uses an electric drill that is specially designed for implant placement. The speeds of the drill are precisely set and jets of water are accurately applied for cooling.

Electric high-speed, water-cooled hand drill

Electric drills are high-speed hand drills used for implant surgery. They are more effective for dentists to use when carrying out certain surgical procedures. The water-cooled drill is more pleasant for surgery than air drills and the result is a more comfortable treatment.

Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Munz provides gentle and comfortable care. Blacksburg Denture & Implant Center has developed streamlined procedures which result in a minimal number of visits and maximized patient comfort and satisfaction.

Pain medication

Dr. Munz uses the best anesthetic on the market to make sure the patient feels no pain during procedures. Appropriate medication is administered both before and after any extraction or implant procedure.

Dr. Munz’s method of delivering injections of local anesthetic takes into account the sensitive regions of the mouth. He works towards these areas progressively, first numbing more tolerant areas.

Comfort Amenities

Our comfortable officeWe maintain a relaxing atmosphere to make your visits pleasant:

  • A comfortable, cozy waiting room
  • Relaxing furniture and pleasant decor
  • T.V. entertainment
  • An air-infuser (ionizer) to give the office a pleasant, natural smell
  • Blankets and pillows if needed for procedures
  • Comfortable dental chairs
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